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                         Guitarist Vernon Fischer fascination with the

                  guitar began over fifty years ago when he pulled his uncles

                  old arch top guitar from behind an overstuffed chair in the

                  living room of his grandparents home in Baltimore Maryland

                  and has had a guitar in his hand ever since. He only put it

                  down to learn to play the mandolin, bass, banjo, ukulele, drums

                  and hand percussion, harmonica, keyboards and fiddle. Music

                  has been not only a passion but a way of life for him. Self

                  taught he started his professional career by playing in dance

                  bands at teen clubs and junior high and senior school dances in his

                  Early to late teens during the Sixties then moving on to play in top forty

                  show bands in the Washington DC and Baltimore area in the

                  early to mid Seventies. The late Seventies and Eighties saw

                  him playing in Jazz, Old Time and British Isles bands for

                  dances, weddings, receptions and at night clubs in the Baltimore, Washington         

                  DC and the Charlottesville Virginia area where he had relocated. During this

                  period he was also teaching full time at local music stores and Piedmont Virginia

                  Community College as well as working part time as a land surveyor and 
                  constructing his home.
                     Along the way he studied music theory in high school and
                  college after which he sought out and studied extensively with the eminent Jazz

                  Guitarist, Downbeat Magazine Poll Winner  and

                  Concord Records artist Emily Remler ,

                  Guitarist Walt Namuth of The Buddy Rich Band, jazz guitarist Larry

                  Coryell and guitarist Tim Reynolds with The Dave Mathews Band. He
                 participated in guitar work shops conducted by world renowned guitarists

                 John Zaradin, Christopher Parkening, David Brandon, Chet Atkins, Jim Hall,  

                  Pat Matheney, Albert Lee, Leo Kotke,  Lee Rittenour   

                    He performed with internationally known artists such as fiddle great
                 Vassar Clements, folk musician John McCutcheon, Irish piper Paddy Keenan

                 and classical guitatist John Zarradin and The Dave Mathews Band
                  bassist Stefan Lessard and saxophonist Leroi Moore.

                      From the mid Nineties until 2006 his skill with the classical guitar earned

                 him a full time position as house musician at Sir Bernard  and Laura Ashley’s

                 Five Star Diamond Hotel and Country Club Keswick Hall which he held for almost five years

                 after which he relocated to Charlottesville's prestigious Farmington Country

                  Club for a three and a half year tenure in a similar capacity.

                  From Farmington CC he returned to Keswick Hall, now under the

                  ownership of the Orient Express, for a more than two year stay.

                 This period also saw him perform numerous times at other Five Starr

                Diamond resorts such as The Homestead and The Greenbrier Resorts

                        Over the past forty years he also performed for numerous

                  wedding ceremonies, receptions, dances,  dinners,

                  corporate events and concerts. Vern's interest in guitar music has led
                  him to acquire many types of guitars and learn to 

                  play styles appropriate for that type of guitar. Those styles

                  include Classical, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Steel String Finger

                  Style, Rock and Roll, Country, Old Time, Blue Grass, Blues,

                  Ragtime and Folk Music. His style is melodic and reminiscent of

                  guitarists Charlie Byrd, Earl Klugh, Emily Remler and Kenny

                  Burrell who greatly influenced him.

                    While at music festivals in the late Eighties and working at

                  the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the early Nineties he

                  began to sing and play the guitar as a means to get more work

                  and as a result in 2005 he recorded his first CD, Island Dreams

                  and Fantasies, a collection of original music recalling the time that

                  he spent there.

                    He cites Johnny Rivers, Jimmy Buffet, Bill Haley,

                  The Moody Blues, Roger Whitaker and The Classics Four

                  as his vocal inspiration. He can fill the dance floor with his

                  enthusiastic renditions of Rock and Roll hits.

                     Working solo and with seasoned professional musicians he

                  has provided music for countless weddings, receptions,

                  concerts, banquets, dances and corporate events at hotels,

                  country clubs and The University of Virginia for more than

                  twenty eight years. He has performed for numerous heads of

                  state that included a president, vice president, a prime minister, a queen, ambassadors,

                  governors, senators and congressmen, sports figures as well as

                  movie, music stars.

                      He performed in Washington DC  at an awards ceremony 
                     for fifty members of the US Congress that included the then 

                 Speaker of The House Senator Nancy Pelosi, Senator Joe Bidden and         
                 Representative John Lewis. He  is currently working on several recordings.

                 Contact Vern at : Email  

                 Phone     434-295-6360

                 Mail     -      2901 Buckeyeland Lane Charlottesville Va. 22902